As part of the geotechnical services, Soilsrock can provide a full package service within screw piling solutions. We are capable to provide the design and certification for any kind of screw piles loads, provide the cost estimating, project management and also the materials supplying.


Soilsrock screw piling services uses the innovative cast steel multi turn conical helix at the end or pile "toe" which creates a bulb of increased lateral stress around the helical section by compacting the ground medium between the helix flutes, which in turn uniformly distributes the pile load to the surrounding substrate. This bulb guarantee a higher lateral capacity which increase the pile resistance and perform in all medium and dense sand soil conditions equal to that of a simple plate helix 2.2 times larger in diameter than the Helicast helix. In stiff clays this multiplier factor is approximately 1.8 times. The Helicast multi turn helix is made as one piece 485 MPa minimum tensile steel casting and uses pipe API 5L minimum yield strength of 350 MPa. An engineers certificate including a mill test report from the manufacture normally is issued at the end of the project. 

Screw Piles
Screw Piles

Axial load Capacities from 50 to 2,400 Kn

Screw Piles
Screw Piles

at Manly Project

14 Ton Excavator Installing Helicast
14 Ton Excavator Installing Helicast

Screw Piles
Screw Piles

Axial load Capacities from 50 to 2,400 Kn


Key advantages of Helicast™ screw piles are outlined below


  • Suitable for all soil types 

  • Building on weak soils or difficult conditions

  • Used extensively in cyclonic conditions with good tension loads.

  • No concrete required

  • No curing time so loads can be applied immediately

  • No spoil generated

  • Vibration free and minimal noise

  • Efficient and accurate installation. The smaller multi turn helix is quicker to install. 

  • Available for immediate use

  • Reduce time and cost on site

  • Greater resistance to uplift and bearing Bulb effect of multi turn screw helix gives pile an improved load capacity factor of 1.8 to 2.2 times that of a plate helix in medium/dense sand and clays.

  • Ideal for working within close proximity of trees and sites with limited spaces. Short interlocking piles for internal building repairs

  • Multiple extensions suitable for deep piling

  • No de-watering 

  • Can handle high water table

  • Pile capacity is verified against installation torque

  • Adjustable Pier Cap (also acts as ant cap)

  • Can be mechanically fixed to any steel or timber sub frame

  • Segmented sections for reduced head heights

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Inclement weather is not a factor for installation

  • Safe working loads to 2400 kN per pile