Site Geotechnical & Environmental Investigations
  • Interpretation, analyses and reporting
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan's
  • In situ tests, drilling and sampling

  • Laboratory testing

  • Geological and geotechnical mapping & Reporting

  • Ground characterization

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan's

  • Terrain evaluation & land capability

  • Groundwater studies

  • Engineering geology assessment

  • Slope stability assessment

  • Environmental assessment

  • Contaminated land assessment

  • Hazarous Materials Assessment

  • Asbestos validation assessment

  • Waste classification 




Geotechnical Solutions - Design & Estimation 

(includes design or alternative design and certification, take off quantities, cost estimation, tender evaluation and preparation, scope of works preparation)


  • Foundations/Piling - Screw piles, bored piles, CFA piles and sheet piles

  • Anchoring, soil nails and rock bolts (temporary and permanent)

  • Retaining structures & deep excavations (by piling, anchoring, nails, shotcrete, steel bracing and propping)

  • Micro-piling (self-drilling, open hole by bars or steel pipes)

  • Slope stabilization (meshing systems, rock bolts, soils nails and Shotcrete)

  • Rock fall protection (barriers)

  • Ground improvement (stone columns, vibrocompaction, dynamic compaction, dynamic replacement, displacement piles)

  • Jet grouting & grouting (triple, double and single fluid, TAM "Tube A Manchete", GIN grouting, up and down stage grouting, curtain grouting)

  • Underpinning (by screw piles, bored piles, micropiling and jet-grouting)

The company provides geotechnical services including the following: detailed site investigations, geotechnical interpretation and analyses, geotechnical design concept and solutions, construction assessment including planning, estimation, project management and environmental assessment.


We provide to our valued clients with geotechnical knowledge of all phases of the geotechnical project cycle, from early investigations through out  design and construction.

Geotechnical Project Management & Construction Advice


  • Procurement of cost effective drilling subcontractor and materials

  • Subcontracts and scope of works preparation

  • Costing and planning

  • On site supervision

  • On site technical advice and troubleshooting

  • Inspection of excavations, retaining wall construction

  • Monitoring and inspection of pier / pile installations

  • Monitoring and inspection of ground anchors, rock bolting and grouting

  • Foundation inspections and assessment

  • Rock fall protection assessment

  • Slope stability assessment

  • Ground improvement assessment